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i cant really tell you how or who i cam or how i act u just have to b round me to find out. i hate fake ppl if you goin to come with it come with it real.
College: New Hampshire Community Technical College, Nashua/Claremont
Music: i like mostly old school music cuz music from now a days is shit. just any thing wit a funky beat that i can move too.
TV: disney channel lol,mtv, style, hgtv w.e
Books: i have lived a thousand years, the color of your skin aint the color of your heart, number the stars,
Interests: i like 2 draw, spend time wit my god daughter, read, write, carnivals,theater,dance, chill,meeting new people,music,...
Movies: lifetime movies, action, car movies, dancing movies,what evers
BestFeatures: my eyes, and my kisses. and my brain mentality
Dreams: i want to work as a direct service professional or help kids and teens who are dangerous to themselves and other people. like a home or any type of abuse facility. "if it came to saving a life and getting money id rather save a life" copy right me.

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